Palace of Sensory Psychology

In this Palace, the content and educational material focuses on how our sensory experiences in nature, in our homes, and in our external environments, shape our psychology and attitude.  Many of the most successful people in the world have implemented practices based on this concept.  Visualizaiton is probably the most well-known and is a process of controlled imagination.  While visualization is an imagined & internal process, OHL aims to make that internal imagination process "real" by creating environments that nourish and support positive mental attitude.  In a corporate/business setting, especially, environment is key to productivity, efficiency, and clear communication.  Core curriculum in this Palace speaks to that.  Grayson pulls from his formal education background by implementing tenets from art, design, and feng shui.  The idea is to identify how you want to feel in your life and career and then create the environment that supports that emotional goal.  Your environments should look, smell, and sound how you want to feel.  Your choices in art, scent, and music all play a role in creating that, not just inside your home or office, but what surrounds it on the outside as well.   Our state of mind dictates the quality of our everyday life.  Some elements of our everyday life are beyond our abilities to control, but some are well within our grasp to create, arrange, or amend.  This Palace helps clients with this process.

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