Palace of Nature Connection

In this Palace, the content and educational material focuses on the science of nature's effect on the human body.  Specificallly, research involving the subtle magnetic field of the earth (the Schumann Resonance) and its relationship to health is discussed and presented in a practical and intuitive manner in the material.  There is also content discussing various biomes in nature and the therapeutic aspects that can be found in each of them.  For example, the physiological effects on the mind and body in hot springs, cold water, salt water, and in dense forestry are discussed.  Some of the other topics covered are understanding the science of negative ions, where they can be found in nature; how trees filter, produce, and purify the air we breathe, and other aspects that contribute to our health & wellness.  Tenets of Chinese Medicine will be drawn upon as well including a basic overview of the 5-Element Theory in relation to the natural world and our bodies.  This Palace will also discuss the relevance of outdoor education.  This content can be presented to businesses/organizations that are looking to have outdoor education or team-building retreats in natural settings.  Understanding the science of how nature effects our health gives us a deeper appreciation for our planetary ecosystem, sustainability, and more ecologically aware practices.