Palace of Movement Disciplines

In this Palace, the content and educational material is a synthesis of Gray's experience with Kuk Sul Do, a Korean martial art, and the Chinese Martial Arts:  Tai Chi, Hsing-I, and Bagua.  In his studies and pursuits, Grayson identified that within each of the disciplines there was the potential to emphasize health cultivation over combat & self-defense training.  In day-to-day life, few of us are engaged in active combat.  The reality is the majority of our lives are spent in a far less active capacity and our bodies deteriorate because of it.  In modern times, the enemy is no longer a single assailant or a marauding army.  We now defend ourselves against sedentary lifestyle habits that compromise our health and leave us vulnerable to disease.  Training self-defense and combat oriented disciplines cultivates a powerful mindset of confidence and grit.  Gray's reverence for the combat arts ensures this ideal is foundational in his approach to pursuing health through movement.  Gray's approach stresses healthy postural alignments in all movement activities and draws upon the best health practices in all the martial disciplines he trains in.  While OHL has a broad approach to movement arts, Grayson does conduct training, seminars, and retreats in the traditional practice of Wu Style Tai Chi, one of the premiere health practices in China today.