Palace of Mood Elevation

In this Palace, the content and educational material focuses on the Why's and Wisdom of stress reduction, i.e. the hard data and information concerning why stress reduction is quintessential to good living and robust health.  In addition it will cover the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, why breathing really is the breath of life, how gene expression is dependent upon laughter & crying, i.e., grieving appropriately and laughing hard.  It will speak to leisure activity, why we need to do less and appreciate it more.  This will also cover the hard science of sleep as a form of nutrition.   There is also great emphasis put on what Gray calls 'technology fasting'.  The effects of excessive technology use (computers, cell phones, iPads, etc.) is being presently under study and has already been determined detrimental to our health.  It is only when we can understand why we need to reduce stress that we can embrace the wisdomof doing so.    Within each of the 9 Palaces, stress reduction is inherent in all that we undertake.  Here, the purpose is to present the hard science supporting the need for stress reduction.