Palace of Meditative Practices

In this Palace, the content and educational material focuses on various types of basic meditaiton practice.  Included is basic breathing techniques, postural and sitting alignments, standing, sitting, and walking meditation.  Modern science is continually showing the health related benefits that are acquired through meditation and meditative practces.  Our minds are perpetually active, never getting a moments rest.  This would be akin to vigorously exercising all hours of our waking days and never letting the body rest.  If we did this, our bodies would surely fail prematurely.  Many people find their minds in a very similar situation in modern culture, where diseases are manifesting as a result of mental and emotional stressors.  Meditation is the resting and settling of the mind within our experiences, which is why it is so crucial in modern times where the basis of our lives and culture revolve perpetual mental activity.   Here, we will discuss  the effects meditaiton has on our physiology, our mindset, attitude, experience, and health.  Various techniques and approaches are discussed in this Palace because the approaches to meditation are as varied as the human personality.  As such, OHL aims to support it's clients in the most well-rounded way possible so they are able to grasp the tenets of meditation in a practical and down-to-earth manner.


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