Palace of Interconnectedness

In this Palace, the content and educational material focuses on the interdependent and cooperative nature of all the other Palaces and how in essence, the training in and practicing of the other Palaces are all working towards the same goal:  Interconnectedness.  Health is found through various parallels in our lives and not in a single and isolated pursuit.   As we understand the Interconnectedness between our practices, we are better able to understand health as a holistic and encompassing journey.  If we are not able to see how all things are connected in life, then we often live in a disconnected fashion from ourselves and nature.  For example, once we realize that our food is only as healthy as the environment it comes from, we can then see that environmental pollution is not an isolated problem, but one that leaks into the fabric of our food system, and therefore our minds and bodies.  We are quitle literally dependant upon Nature for our food, therefore we should revere and preserve it if we have any intention of preserving ourselves and future generations.  This Palace also discusses the commonalities amongst various world traditions and how aiming to see the 'sameness' between disciplines and pursuits is the basis for higher learning and innovation as well.