Palace of Food as Medicine

Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."  In this Palace, this tenet is embraced and extrapolated.  An individual's dietary dynamics and relationship with food is as unique as their personality.  Given our constitutional/genetic make-up, digestive tendencies, and emotional dispositions, its rare that two people eat exactly the same way.  One person's medicine can truly be another person's poison.  Maintaining a keen sense as to what nourishes us as individuals is one of the aims in healing through dietetics and whole foods.  There is also a strong emphasis on how and what to eat according to the season we're in.  This is a concept that can be invaluable in terms of our health because the human body naturally attunes the rhythms  of the natural world.  Too often in our culture, food is seen as lifeless mass that provides caloric sustenance for our bodies to burn as rudimentary fuel.  By adopting a paradigm where food is gauged by it's vitality, nutrient content, lack of processing, and specific health properties, one is able to not only restore and balance their own health, but to go beyond it.  A healthy and dynamic dialogue with food ensures a healthy and vibrant state of mind and body.