Palace of Cooking for Health

In this Palace, the content and educational material focuses on the prepartation and basic skills needed to cook and prepare rich, nutrient-dense, and whole foods.  While understanding the inherent health properties found in specific foods is of the utmost importance, cooking that same food is equally important.  This skillset is one of the most often overlooked in people's health repertoire.  Cooking puts a tremendous amount of power into our hands.  If we are unable to perform the most basic functions in our kitchens and don't know how to cook for ourselves, we have essentially lost the race before it has even begun.  Cooking empowers our health process on every level.  Here, we discuss basic knife skills, the in's and out's of temperature when cooking, the most beneficial fats, different cooking approaches, and more.  Healing recipes are found in this Palace as well as the philosophy cooking plays in our lives.